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ABN AMRO TWO boat of 2006 at Sneekweek

10 August 2006
ABN AMRO TWO was recently chosen the boat of 2006 in the annual contest during the opening evening of the Sneekweek.

Sneekweek is a week-long fresh water sailing festival that takes place each year in Sneek, a town in the North of the Netherlands. A variety of events include the boat of the year competition, a fleet show through the canals, sailing races on Sneek Lake during the day, and other night and day festivities. The Sneekweek started on 5 August and ends today.

According to the event’s organization, there are a number of different reasons why ABN AMRO TWO was elected the boat of 2006. First the fact that ‘Street Fighter’ was a ‘talent boat’, which matches well with the Royal Water Sport Association Sneek, a water sports training center. Second, that ‘talent crew’ has finished in fourth place in the Volvo Ocean Race, showcasing a top performance in one of the most challenging sailing events in the world.
The last and most important reason is the remarkable seamanship that the crew showed after the tragic accident with crew mate Hans Horrevoets and, a few days later, the rescue of Movistar’s crew.

ABN AMRO TWO could not sail to receive the prize however due to the shallow fresh waters of Sneek. But the 10,000 spectators in the opening evening of the Sneekweek could enjoy the race by watching the ‘Victory Story’ on a giant screen placed in the Sneek city hall’s garden.

Shortly after the video Dutchman Simeon Tienpont, bowman of ABN AMRO TWO, who was racing the Skandia Cowes Week on ABN AMRO ONE, was also live interviewed to acknowledge and to toast the prize and the opening of the Sneeweek together with his fellow countrymen.